Thursday, May 21, 2020

New Pantograph designs added today

The boredom is real folks. Here’s a little story for you. Prior to starting my quilting business full time I was a legal assistant. I graduated from high school and got my first job at age 17 in a law firm . I actually finished Grade 12 early and had to go back to graduate.

I made $475 per month at that first job. And with that salary came regular rebukes from my boss that I had a head like a rock garden, yet I persisted . The valuable lesson learned was that I indeed am a bit of a scatterbrain and need to write stuff down or it’s likely to be forgotten.

I eventually moved on to a better job, better boss (by far!!) and much better salary . Those were the days of the IBM selectric typewriters with the little ball typeface. Remember those? Well, whenever I got bored I would change the typeface . My boss caught on and asked me one day why I did that? I told him boredom. Rather than making me conform, you know what he said? “I change my pen” . Ha ha!! See we aren’t all that different.

Anyway…..I’m ever so grateful that I don’t have to do all my quilts with just one quilting design . You wondered where this was going no doubt. There are so many designs out there for us to enjoy and incorporate into our quilts. I hope you like these . I’m about to load a customer quilt and utilize this one called “Triangle Meander”. It’s available at Urban Elementz.

These are the others added to my collection today . I’m slowly adding my whole collection. If you mouse over them on the pantograph page you can find the name of the design. If you see one you like when requesting quilting services, please refer to it by name .

“Let it Snow”
“Feathered Mola” set

Ok . Time to go quilt!

Until next time,


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