Monday, September 28, 2020

I-Sew-lation Polka Dot Party Step 3

Welcome to step three.  For this step you are going to need the pieces that you cut and stored in bags H, I and J.  These are your coloured and black polka dot 2 ½” squares and white polka dot 1 ½” x 8 ½” rectangles .

This step is a bit different than the rest. We are making some flying geese units but we are going to do foundation paper piecing.  It just made the math easier.  We are making 12 of these units .  If you have never done foundation paper piecing, there are lots of tutorials online. I would also suggest using some scrap fabric to do one test block (so print 13 not 12 sheets) .

You will be following the numbering sequence on the foundation paper attached.  Once you have filled the center column of the geese, you will add the white polka dot sides.  Press towards the white and trim from the paper side.  Be careful not to cut off the ¼” margin when trimming .  Your units should measure 4 ½” x 8 ½” trimmed and will finish at 4” x 8” in the quilt.

Remove your paper and sew them into 4 sets of 3 . Be careful not to cut off the head of your geese when sewing them together.

We’re getting close to the finish.   Watch for final clue and reveal next Monday.

Don’t forget to post your pictures and use the #polkadotpartymysteryquilt hashtag so we can find you!


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