Thursday, July 20, 2023

Tennessee Backroads - Pattern Release!!

This pattern has been in my brain for awhile.  As we familiarized ourselves with our new hometown in Cleveland, Tennessee, we used our GPS for going almost everywhere.  

Sometimes the GPS would lead us down country backroads leading to what looked like a dead end.  Some of these nail biter journeys were in the night with no street lights as we live in a rural area and these drives were in the pitch black.  But these backroads always seemed to lead where we wanted to go.

And so this quilt design was born.  My new phraise became "backroads lead everywhere" and they truly do in this little corner of the world.

I created the quilt pattern with a two color theme (plus white) but I can totally see it in scrappy as well.  I might just have to try that once I excavate the storage locker and find my scraps.

The pattern is available for immediate download in my online Etsy shop:  My Etsy Shop.  Soon, my Tennessee quilting studio will be open and print copies will be available there as will some lovely fabrics to choose from.  Stay tuned!  Our website is nearing completion:

Quilt pieced and quilted by Sharlene Lyseng

This pattern was released a few months ago so this post is a bit tardy.  When you make the quilt, please share it online with the hashtag #tennesseetrailsquilt so we can all see your finished work of art.  And thank you to my friend Sharlene for testing the pattern and piecing and quilting the quilt while my studio is still under construction.

Until next time, happy sewing!


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