Saturday, December 23, 2023

Scrappy Mosaic Quilt - FREE PATTERN

When we moved and downsized, I passed on a lot of my scraps to friends.  It wasn't until I was thinking of designing a scrappy quilt that I missed them...just slightly.   Like me, if you don't have scraps, fat quarters will work just as well.  Mix it up with your yardage for a truly scrappy feel.  Mix in different values, add an accent color, or just mix all the colors together.  This is truly a scrapbuster (my favorite!)

All you need to know for this quilt is how to make a four patch.  No triangles.  No weird angles.  Just some mindless sewing while you watch your favorite show or listen to an audio book.

So dig out those scraps and let's get playing!

The quilt is 58" x 68", perfect for charity quilts or snuggle size.

Free Pattern is available HERE

Enjoy!  And use the hashtag #scrappymosaicquilt to share your photos.

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