Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrappy Happy !!

I just finished putting the borders on a new quilt for my son's twin bed. I took this picture with my Blackberry camera so you may not be able to see the colours too clearly. Totally scrappy greens, browns and beiges. Ugly fabrics included. You find them! I challenge you!

Here's the quilt top before the sandwich:

As per my previous post, I have been living in stressville and it feels very good to know that I finished a quilt top. To the left of the quilt is the backing. The batting is hanging over the railing tonight to remove the creases. Maybe more therapy tomorrow night!!

I'd rather quilt than watch TV in the evenings. My son is kinda excited to see the quilt progressing so quickly. It was very satisfying to have a 19 year old guy ask me to make a quilt for him because it's the perfect temperature on his bed. His duvet is too hot and a blanket is too cold...a quilt is just right! He will soon be able to retire his Christmas quilt until next December when they come out of hiding.

Until next time,



  1. Beautiful quilt... and I love that your son is excited about it being finished soon!

  2. Great quilt - its amazing how a simple change in the sashing changes the whole look of a quilt - giving it a much more modern effect. Hope the quilting is going well.

  3. Thanks Deborah. I'm actually enlarging the quilt to make it queen-sized. He's going to have a queen-sized bed in the next little while and I figured it would be a total waste to lovingly finish the quilt only to have it not fit his new bed!

    Also, I ended up washing the batting and it was a disaster. It ended up looking like swiss cheese with holes everywhere. Totally unusable. Some very generous person on one of my yahoo groups sent me a replacement that she had. I was blown away by the support of a quilter that I've never met.

    So I'm still putting the quilt together and will soon be into the quilting phase. thanks for reading my blog!