Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby quilt finish...

I don't quite remember when I started this quilt but I know it was 2011 fall sometime.  I saw something similar hanging in a quilt shop, snapped a picture and then tried drawing a simple baby quilt with a feature/focus fabric in EQ7.  This is the result:

Now that I have a b-line quilting frame, I had this baby quilted in no time!  I think it seriously just took me about an hour, if that.  I wanted something not too swirly, or girly because this quilt is for "Gideon".  I decided on some nice wavy horizontal lines.  I loved how easy it was to get this quilt quilted.  That followed with some hand-sewn binding in front of the TV.  Here's a closeup of the quilting:

Now I just have to sew on the label and it will be presented to the little man tomorrow, along with this one for Miss Olivia which has been done for awhile:

This one has been ready for awhile.  We just needed to pick a presentation date at church and we have been tardy!! 

I hope these babies will feel the love!

Until next time,

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