Saturday, January 14, 2012

Manhattan Condo quilt ... cutting now underway!

So...I had a great trip to Calico Cupboard today to find some fabrics to match something I pulled from my stash for my niece's wedding quilt.  I then came home and cut what I thought I would do for the block.  Here are some variations:

 I loved the fabric on the bottom right but not loving it with the other fabrics. 
 Here is the same fabric cut smaller in the block on the left.  Still not liking it with the other fabric.

 Um...not bad but not signing at me yet.

 Top left block doesn't work as there's not enough contrast between the two fabrics.  Next...!

 Getting closer but not sure about the white centre on the bottom left block.  One more...
and the winner is...double blue!
I like the way the blue is repeated.  It seems more balanced to my eye now.  So we're going with the double blue!

I had a marathon cutting session tonight so it is now a 'kit' all ready for my sewing day next Saturday with my satellite group.   I should be able to power sew and get a lot done next weekend.  I don't think I'll have any problem getting this done before the wedding in April.  It should be a fairly easy quilt to construct.  But until next Saturday, I've got some bookkeeping and tax stuff to get ready.  Saturday's sewing will be my reward!

Until then,


  1. I love that tawny/gray paisley! I would've kept the first block selection in but that's what makes you the artist!

  2. I love that fabric and will definitely find a home for it! Don't you worry! I have another quilt in mind...of course. Don't we ALWAYS have a bunch of quilts on the mind?? LOL