Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Journeys" Quilt Show - Victoria Quilters' Guild

Update on my Lemon Blueberry Swirl - BE VERY CAREFUL WITH CRAYOLA MARKERS!

I had a very nerve wracking week as I had to wash my Lemon Blueberry Swirl 3 times with various tricks to get rid of the crayola marks on the quilt.  The third wash after using oxyclean and some acetone on certain spots, and it finally came out.  The third time I also used hot water rather than warm.

Anyway, the quilt is hanging in the show!  It was touch and go...but I made it.  And here it is!

I have had about all I can handle of putting this quilt together with all of its trauma.  So it's going to be put away for awhile until my fondness for it returns.

Today at the quilt show, I purchased some new marking tools.  There's a new pen called "Frixion" which is supposed to come out with the heat of an iron or friction.  I saw it with my own eyeballs at a demo by a quilt shop upisland.  Bought it in 4 colours for my next quilt.  I also bought a new chubby chalk-type crayon which seemed to work well with stencils, and also came out with the iron.  Pretty cool!  I did not buy any fabric.  Such a good girl!

I also hung this quilt in the show:

and this one:

It was a beautiful show, the first time in our new venue at Pearkes Arena at Tillicum.  Great location and venue.

Until next time,



  1. the frixion pens are good, but be careful using on dark fabrics, as it removes the color when you ironit off, and you are left with the outline. so always test first!

  2. Makes you wonder what these things are made of! Thanks Donna.

  3. The Blueberry Lemon quilt is beautiful Mavis. Well done persevering! The colors and patterns look good together. Nice job!