Saturday, April 28, 2012

Major Happy Dance over here...

I'm so excited.  This is on its way to me from sunny North Carolina:

Can't accuse me of impulse buying!  I was at Sweet Peas near Wake Forest Carolina where I discovered this beauty and hummed and hawed then walked away without the purchase.  By the time I got home about 5 days later I was pining away for it.

I called the storekeeper today and it's still there! I gave her my credit card number and told her someone would pick it up for me.   And my dear friend Michelle, who hosted our reunion, is on her way right now to pick it up for me!  I can hardly believe my good fortune.  This wonderful art piece will have a wonderful forever home with me.  I truly love this quilt and am overjoyed that it's mine.

Blissfully yours,


  1. How exciting! I'm so glad the quilt was still there for you....


  2. It was meant to be yours. It is a nice quilt and so good it will live with you - who will treasure it ;-)

  3. Oh Mavis, you are a GEM. It was a pleasure to fetch it for you. Please post a picture of it hanging up in it's new home!