Thursday, January 2, 2014

Almost caught up with Celtic Solsice

How great it has been to have Christmas week off from work.  Now that Christmas is over and my time in the kitchen is paying dividends with turkey leftovers, I've been spending some time getting caught up on Celtic Solstice.

Step 1 is all done - 380 tri recs units in total.

Step 2 is all done - 244 chevrons in total

Step 3 is all done - 488 half square triangles out of which I made 61 pinwheels

Step 4 - 10/300 four patches are done.  But I realized that I had the wrong colours in my four patches so back to the drawing (sewing) board.

They should be brown and the rusty/orange.

Step 5 is done - 244 split triangle units in total.

I've actually started a second one in the smaller size  but it's been all I could do to keep up with one.  I'll finish the second one as time permits.

Step 1

Step 2 (only 1 chevron done - the one on the right)

I was glad not to have cut out all the pieces for Step 2 because there was a tutorial for a strip piecing method which I think will go much quicker.  PLUS...I am waiting for the arrival of my new Accuquilt GO cutter and am hoping to do some of the cutting for the second quilt with it.

So that's all the progress on these quilts.  I'm almost caught up which, given this is a king sized quilt, is pretty amazing.  I don't want it to languish on my design wall for as long as Easy Street did.  So wish me luck!

Until next time...which is probably the next clue.



  1. I really like your colors and that they are batiks. I will be sure to look for your finished quilt to be posted in the future. Brave to try two at once!

  2. Gracious, you have been so very busy! Your units look terrific and I'm wondering if you will fool around with designing a new quilt with the "wrong" 4-patches? Can't wait to see your quilts emerge in due time.

  3. My hat is off to you doing two! WOW! Both colorways look great!