Monday, January 6, 2014

The Big Reveal...puttin' it altogether...

I had the most delightful surprise on New Years' Eve.  I just happened to check facebook around 10 p.m. and found that Bonnie Hunter had released the final clue and the big reveal for Celtic Solstice at 9 p.m. my time (just after the ball dropped in Time Square in New York at midnight Eastern time).

Funny how many guesses I had and how wrong I was about the final layout.  But I was totally delighted to see the final pattern.  It's just gorgeous.  I absolutely love it!  And best of all, all the anxiety I felt about my colours was in vain as they work just fine!

You can read about the last step and the reveal HERE.

As always, all those itty bitty parts come together beautifully to make a stunning quilt design.

7 of my friends in my satellite group met together this past Saturday, January 4th for a Celtic Solstice Sewing Day.  Here are a few pictures of that day and what we accomplished:

Let's start with mine.  I had a few done before I arrived.

These are on the design wall.

My production line.  Started with the pinwheel row then added the top and bottom rows.  

Teresa's scrappy version

Pat's.  She also used yardage.

Jeanine's.  Her four patches were perfect at exactly 3.5".  I was so impressed!

Carol's Tri-recs.  Gorgeous colours!

Mary's fabrics.  She's starting soon.  She brought her fabrics to show us.

Sharlene's.  She chose her colours from a paint swatch of coordinated colours at Home Depot.  Smart!

Some of Sharlene's units.

I think we are all going to have very interesting and very different quilts.  We all said how much we loved this pattern created by Bonnie Hunter.  Sharlene and I are making the king size.  I think all the others are making the smaller version.  But we are all having the same amount of fun, fun, fun!

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