Monday, August 29, 2016

Provence (Toulon), France

Now to a country where at least the language is somewhat familiar!

We arrived in Toulon at 8:00 a.m. and once again, we decided to see where our feet could lead us.  We were hoping for a hop on/ hop off bus and found this quaint little 'train' that took us on a quick tour through Toulon managing to get down walkways that a regular bus couldn't.  It was fun.  It was open air, low to the ground and we did manage to get some good photos.

Beautiful harbour.  Reminescent of our harbour if the naval base was closer to town

We strolled through the open air market after the bus tour was over and then sat down for our daily cappucino.  This one got top marks as being the best on the trip!  We enjoyed cappucino at every port.  We also enjoyed a few more things like pizza, pasta and creme brulee in Venice (and cappuccino of course), and more pizza in Rome, and gelato a few times, but our main focus was cappuccino and we weren't disappointed!

Tomorrow we sail back to Barcelona where we will be spending another two nights awaiting our September 1st flights home.  It's been a LONG vacation with lots of sights, flavours, smells and sounds.  I'm officially home sick and can hardly wait to get on that plane.

It's been a great cruise!


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