Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Colour Intensity and Playtime

I was very fortunate this month to receive cataract surgery on both eyes.  Wowsers!  Who turned all the lights on?!??  The clarity...the depth and intensity of colour...the crispness...I had no idea what I was missing.  Of course, as a quilter working with fabrics, this only made the experience that much better.

I played with some bright colours the last few weeks and here are a few of the samplings of what I've been working on.

First of all, I quilted this On Ringo Lake variation on Millie.

Then I quilted this adorable baby quilt:

Panto:  Butterfly Swirls; Thread: Glide Pink

And I ended up diving in three months late on the Good Fortune mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville (slightly amended).  Two of these fabrics are scraps of backing fabric which were just what I needed to complete my pallette.  I'm loving it so far.  I don't know yet how big it will be.  I expect that will depend on how far the stash fabric goes because I'm not buying anything new to create this quilt.  For real!!

There was also some playing with more subdued colours, namely the dark and medium blues in my 365 Quilt Challenge by Kathryn Kerr.

It was a very SEWful week. <3

Until next time,

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