Monday, February 11, 2019

Snow Day and New Pantographs

Good snowy date from beautiful, quiet and white Brentwood Bay.

I've recently returned to blogspot for my blog as I find it an easier interface for ease of use than my wordpress website.  If you haven't seen me for awhile on here that would be why.  But I'm B.A.C.K.!!!

I've just updated my inventory of digital pantographs for my long arm quilting services.  I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what you can try on your next quilt.  These are NOT the only ones I have to choose from.  I just add to my inventory when I find something I just can't live without or receive a special request from a customer.

So here goes:

This one is called AZTEC WAVE and I'll be using it on a Seminole quilt today

Next up HAMMERSMITH.  Blocks, triangles, edge 2 edge.

I love the movement of this one! And it's a set, so again, block, triangle, border, edge to edge. This one has all of them.


Swoon!  I love this one and look forward to adding it to a customer's Dogwood floral quilt soon!

Swirly Gig
Ooooh!   Couldn't you see this on a modern quilt?  Must try this one soon too.

Sometimes I love the unusual ones.  Stay tuned!  It will show up in a quilt soon.

Curly Weave

And how about this one?

Baptist Fan Feathers

Do you find a regular Baptist Fan just a bit dull?  How about this Baptist Fan Feathers?? It will provide a nice, uniform texture across your quilt.

That's all for today. I'm about to load these onto my APQS Millenium and get to stitching!  My waiting list is currently almost caught up so please contact me to book a spot and request one of these great pantos or ask about others. As always, no charge for trimming, thread or bobbins and simple pantographs are affordable at $.025 per square inch.  Batting and wide backs are available for purchase.

We can get your quilt tops quilted and back to you before the snow melts.  After all, your quilts should be keeping you warm, right ??

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