Thursday, November 3, 2022

Quilting in small spaces...

I have a couple of quilting projects underway and I'm learning to pack them up after working on them and storing them away out of sight.  Gone is the sewing room and the associated clutter.  And I'm not sad about that.  We only have about 500 square feet in Harriet the Chariot (our RV) and we all have to keep our respective spaces available out of respect for the family members sharing the space.

During our time of seeking the Lord about selling the house and going on an adventure I was ready to leave quilting behind for the time being and take a time out.  It had become all consuming and I was ready to put my long arm in storage but not ready to sell it and do something else.  I didn't want to make a decision during a time of emotional upheaval.  The Covid years were very hard emotionally and I knew it wasn't a good idea to make a big decision when you're depressed.  So a time out it was!

I brought two piecing projects with me and my English Paper Piecing project (La Passion) hexagon quilt.  Since arriving in Tennessee, I designed a new quilt pattern which needed fabric and I also joined a sewalong which also needed fabric.  This was great retail therapy.

These are for a sewalong with Sharon Blackmore called "Time after Time"

I always loved little 3 1/2" nine patches.  A personal favourite!

And these are for my new pattern which is in the design process.  Those are dark greens and neutral batiks.

And this project was a simple 'flex your piecing muscles'.  I purchased some precut 2 1/2" squares and some white charm squares from a quilt shop somewhere along our journey. I decided to do some mindless piecing.  I wanted to make just a simple baby quilt and it went together very quickly.  I may still add a border.  We'll see.

It's not quite big enough for a baby quilt so at some point I'll consider adding that border but there's no hurry for it and it has now been safely 'stowed' with my other sewing projects.  

There is no hint of a quilter working in Harriet so I'm guessing I've got the quilting clutter under control...for today.

Happy stitching!


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