Sunday, November 20, 2022

Time After Time sew-along

The cold weather in Tennessee has coincided with two less people in Harriet the Chariot, our trailer, thanks to last Friday's (11/11/22) wedding.

Please note:  these temperatures are in Fahrenheit.  You might otherwise think we are on a beach somewhere enjoying a second summer.

My daughter and I have enjoyed some wonderful times of outside sewing over the warmer months, but I'm now thankful that we have a new friend from Church that has a spare bedroom that she wanted to share with us so we can continue to sew on our linen projects in the colder winter months.

I'm also thankful that the bunk room formerly occupied by my daughter and grandson has been repurposed into an indoor sewing space for me. This means that my hubby can have more consistent use of the dining table in Harriet.

A room with a view!  And I'm using the kitchen island counter as my cutting and pressing station.  I'm so glad we brought our wool pressing mats.  They fit nicely on the counter (about the same size as the cutting mat pictured here).

I've been joining the Prairie Quilt Militia on a sew-along which started in the summer.  It's called Time After Time.  We've had a busy time since Sukkot so I've gotten a bit behind. I brought it out last night to get the steps I've missed caught up before the Chilhowie Winter Quilt begins on Black Friday.  I'd like to be current on this one and not be creating a UFO (unfinished object).

As of this morning, here's where I'm at:  Step 3 completed.  Step 6 is the current step released so I'm hoping to spend today getting more done.  But my family is on the way over for a short visit so time to tidy the 'cabin' and create some more seating.

This is where we are headed.  I love Sharon's designs (Sharon is the founder of Prairie Quilt Militia).

Gorgeous hey?  As you can see I didn't branch away from her colours.  I have varied tastes in fabric and design.  I love everything from solids, to Kaffe Fassett wild and bright, to more traditional civil war designs and colours like the ones for this quilt.  My favourite quilting expression is SCRAPPY but having donated a lot of my scraps with the remainder kept in storage back in Victoria, for this one I had to buy yardage.  I know...oh darn! ;)

And in pursuit of this yardage, I found my new favourite quilt shop here in Cleveland, TN.  

Here is the link to her website:

It's a rancher style house on her acreage, with rooms and rooms full of beautiful fabrics and two long arms in a back room and a workshop.  

I'm feeling very blessed to have found a wonderful Church family, an extended family now with the addition of Jordan and his family to our life, some new friends and some great fabric shopping opportunities. And yes Hobby Lobby is a wonderful treat.

This empty nest is very quiet today.  No little boy climbing into Grandma's bed to warm those cold toes and for that morning snuggle.  I pulled out my new bread maker and am awaiting the first loaf.  Smells mighty fine in Harriet.

Now back to the cutting mat I go.  Stay tuned for the next instalment of my Time After Time quilt.


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