Sunday, May 22, 2022

My last great adventure...1984/85

It's time!  When your last great adventure was 38 years ago, it must be time to have another one.  As we are preparing to close our house sale, I have been scanning photos so we can have them digitally on the road with us.  We have slides.  We have prints.  We even have video footage.  Now that we will have some relaxing family time, I can think of no greater time to pull them out and revisit our past family adventures.

Here are a few pictures of my 1984/85 solo adventure of moving to Israel for a year to live on a Kibbutz.  This was a long time before I found quilting and I was a mere 27 years old (younger than both of my now adult children). It was a long time before marriage and kids too.   I took a year sabbatical from my job at a law firm to set off to a foreign land to meet up with a bunch of other Christians from multiple nations to live together in community for a Discipleship Training program called Project Kibbutz.

Bougainvillea - still one of my favourite flowers

Doing laundry on the porch at Kibbutz Hagoshrim

New friends - Michelle from South Africa and Suzanne from Michigan

Painting the pool at Kibbutz Hagoshrim (Northern Israel)

Washing the floor on the porch

Orientation team for first six weeks before we headed south to Kibbutz Gvar Am

Not all work.  We had some wonderful relaxing times too

Zikim beach, 12 km from the Kibbutz

Packing envelopes in the envelope factory.  This was my main job on the Kibbutz.

Another new friend, Amy from Florida

Camping under the stars at the Sea of Galilee

We had just tubed down the Hasbani River

Team Photo

Michelle and I pruning the roses

Canadian visitors from my home town during Feast of Tabernacles

Our "Lonely Road" just outside the Kibbutz.  My friend Karen and I spent a lot of time walking this road together.

In case you thought it was always warm in Israel.  I had on about 4 layers.  It was cold!

After a walk down our Lonely Road

Christmas Eve dinner provided by the Kibbutz

Birthday celebration for a team member.  Maybe Suzanne's birthday?

Our hike through Wadi Arugot

Wadi Arugot

The team

Taken in front the of the Bougainvillea at the Finnish School in Jerusalem

Near the end of the year I worked in the diningroom.

And just like that, that year and eight weeks was over and I was back on a plane and back to my job at a law firm.

It was one of the most wonderful years of my life.  It was so rich in culture, just the right balance of adventure and serenity, and I'm thrilled to say that these 'new' friends are now my 'old' friends.  And I am hoping to see of them for a reunion on our next adventure.

I'm 38 years older now but I'm still keen on discovering some beautiful places, meeting some people that have become friends online, and seeing where the road leads.  This is an adventure with God (we call him by His Name Yahuah/YHWH/Yah/Yahweh) and we can hardly wait for it to begin.

Back to reality now....we are still in the purging phase of emptying the house.  So I better get back at it.  Those boxes won't pack themselves!!

Until next time,

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