Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Quilts for the road...

The process of downsizing this time has meant basically selling everything except the valuables, like paintings, portraits, musical instruments and my "culled" sewing stash and of course Millie, my long arm.  Those things will be in storage during our adventure.  Our RV "Harriet the Chariot" is a wonderful 38 foot rig but there's only so much stuff you can bring along on a road trip, especially an extended one. So we are having to be quite brutal on what we will allow ourselves to bring.

It goes without saying that hexies (my La Passion quilt) always go camping with me.  They will be coming.  I haven't worked on this quilt for ages as we've been laser focused on the task at hand...sorting, shedding and sharing in preparation for the closing date of June 24.  And it's the perfect portable project.  Here's where I left off in November 2021.

Besides hand sewing, my favourite quilts will be coming for our bed in Harriet.

Northern Star Quilt (my original pattern)  (pattern available in my Etsy shop)

Whole cloth linen quilt, quilted on my APQS Millenium

And my daughter and I will each be bringing our travel machines so we can sew on the road.  I will be bringing two "kits" to work on when the mood strikes. 

The first one is a pattern from Fons & Porter called "Libby's Log Cabin".  Anyone that knows me knows that I love star patterns the best, second only to a traditional log cabin.  This one ticks both boxes.  The strips are all cut and grouped together.  All that remains is to sew, sew, sew!

The second kit is a free scrappy quilt from called "Boxy Stars".  The free pattern is available here.  This one has also been precut so that I just need to sew the pieces together.  I don't have the borders planned or included in the kit.  That can happen later.

We are also trying to launch our fall collection of linen clothing for Tahorah Designs, our newest family venture.  So there will be some linen fabric coming along on the journey as well.  

I joined a facebook group called RV Quilters and I'm hoping to scour that page to get some good tips and advice about how to tame the sewing space while living in a small (shared) space.  Thankfully my hubby will have theatre seats and plenty of DVDs to keep himself amused while we sew in the evenings.  At least that's the plan.  I'm hoping for some beautiful summer nights so we can spend lots of time outdoors, including sewing outdoors.  If we should encounter rain, no worries, we will happily sew indoors.

We thought about creating a different blog for the adventure, but we are thinking it will just be an Instagram page where we can load pictures and stories.  I will post here when it has been launched.  We are still finalizing the name and format.

This blog post has been a nice diversion from the stacks and stacks of paper and boxes of photos I still have to scan.  Everything will be digital and it's a daunting task.  I'm looking forward to a reward of a pedicure with my daughter after we are done and before we leave and also some sewing time.  It will be SEW sweet to get back behind the sewing machine.

We've booked our local camping spot for June 20th so that gives us less than a month to get prepared to load the RV and begin the adventure.  Gotta scoot while I still have some energy tonight for the task at hand.

Until next time,


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