Monday, May 30, 2022

Blast from the Past...

So the sewing room got emptied and packed up yesterday.  There was a binder with printed pictures that I don't think have ever been scanned but they are now.

Who is the skinny young woman?  She's sewing on a vintage Kenmore (it wasn't vintage back then though LOL).  And she's sewing on a counter in the small laundry room.  I don't have the exact date but it's sometime between 1993 and 2000.  The baby who received this quilt is in her 20s now so it was probably closer to 2000.  What a blast from the past!

This was also the first baby quilt that I gifted.  Triple Rail is the quilt pattern.  I took a beginner's class at Muriel's Sew and Serge and for some reason I cannot comprehend, we were instructed to use straight pins for basting.  It's surprising that I carried on with quilting given the number of pin pricks I endured during the quilting.

Eric and Dana, proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Kiyannah, who is now a beautiful young woman.

While scanning all these photos is laborious, the enjoyment of seeing these memories has been very sweet.

Here's a picture of my first ever quilt.  I made this one for my son and he still has it. I chose the fabrics very carefully from Cloth Castle.

This is all part of the adventure right?  Back to the boxes I go!  


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