Thursday, July 28, 2022

A New Spot on the Oregon Coast

We wanted to at least drive part way on the Oregon Coast highway before heading towards the I-5.  Knowing that we were heading to another Thousand Trails, we decided to pack up early and get on the road so we would arrive at our next destination before noon (check out time).  We figured if we got there as other campers were pulling out we'd stand a better chance of getting a good site with full hookup.

Pardon the window shot and the fog but this was the ocean on our drive south.

We journeyed down to Florence, Oregon where we stayed at South Jetty Thousand Trails.  It was also hilly and a repeat of the shark tank circling dance but we managed to find someone with a big rig like Harriet and asked them where they pulled out from and whether it had full hookup.  So armed with this info I walked to the site and waited for Harriet and the family arrived.  It was a beautiful albeit small site but it had full hookup.  It was a difficult maneuver to back Harriet in but Liz nailed it (again!) and we loved this pretty spot.  

After a difficult hookup, we find that we want to stay for more than one night so we asked if we could extend but sadly the campsite was full.  So we enjoyed our brief stay and this gorgeous west coast spot for one night.

Gorgeous tree cover but it meant the Starlink satellite dish stayed stowed.

Cozy little campsite.  Time for some snuggles.

Good night!


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