Tuesday, July 19, 2022

I can do hard things...

Before we left the Okanagan, Tony suggested that we hike Giant's Head in Summerland.  Being unaware of what it was other than the fact that our friend Val who lives in Summerland hikes it (from the bottom) a few times a week, we decided to drive to the top and do the easy hike.

Spectacular view from the top of Giant's Head

We parked the truck and headed for the trail.

The old folks were trailing behind the young 'uns.

The young 'uns at the top!

Mid-way up to the top of the mountain Tony mentioned that he had taken a picture of our son Mike at this exact spot years earlier when they had gone on a camping trip with Bruce.  So the first picture is Mike a few years (decade?) back and the bottom photo is Tony in the same spot.

I'm so glad we did this hike.  It was hard but we've been teaching Aidan that he can do hard things and it turns out that Grandma and Papa can too!

Time for the driver to rest up.  Big travel day coming up soon!

Thanks for following us.


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