Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Campsite reviews

After leaving Pendleton, OR, we headed for the Oregon coast.

We arrived at Pacific City Thousand Trails after a long driving day.  After our easy pull through site at Pendleton, we were faced with a challenge at our first Thousand Trails campground.

At Thousand Trails you basically reserve a spot but when you arrive you have to drive your rig (big or doesn't matter) around to claim your campsite then let them know after the fact which site you are in.  And by the time you have arrived you are very likely tired and have to use the washroom. So in short, you are guaranteed "a spot" but not necessarily one big enough for your rig, and not necessarily with full hookup.  It's like a shark tank watching everyone circle around looking for a site.  We ended up asking one of the staff to help us and they offered to drive around in their golf cart with Liz to secure a site. 

In contrast, when you book at KOA you are guaranteed to get what you book.  So we love KOA but will give Thousand Trails another chance in California.  Some Oregon travellers from California said that Oregon sites are more difficult.  The sites at Thousand Trails are beautiful, just not easy to get to or into. The terrain is rather hilly, which is part of the beauty of it.  And the amenities at Thousand Trails are definitely a cut above.  The lodge at our first stay reminded me of places on the island that you would book for a weekend getaway...and they are included in your membership.

The Lodge

We hiked up to the Lodge through the path on the map.  I learned a lot about map reading, like pay attention to terrain/topography!  It was a very steep hike but we all made it in one piece.  It was fun exploring and the Lodge is beautiful.  I wanted to pull out my sewing machine but it was too much effort to get it to the Lodge for just a few hours.  I haven't sewn a stitch since we set out on this adventure actually!  Shocker...I know.

The beach was visible from those windows but it was super foggy so we didn't see any of the ocean from the campsite.  We stayed here for 3 nights which gave us some time for the pool, laundry and of course the token travelling quilt shots:

The pool was great and the laundry was in the next building so while Liz and Aidan were at the pool, I loaded the machines and sat and read until the laundry was done.

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