Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Time to Pause and Reflect and Adjust

There's no denying that we've been in major "go" mode for the last almost 5 months. 

After the sale was official...it was GO time! And its been 'GO time' basically ever since....until this past Thursday when we had the option to switch to a new campsite at Peachland RV Resort for another week while we sorted out the last of our paring down & preparation for our RV adventure.  We needed the extra time so we decided to do it.

We don't know what changed in the 40 mins it took us to go from one campsite to another and set up our new camp for the week but we all felt (basically instantly) the shifting from the "go go go" gear...to the "rest & adventure" gear. We have no idea how it happened, but we collectively agreed that we should not be in a rush and we all exhaled and knew that we had made the right decision.

Peachland RV campground is a beautiful spot and very well run campground just outside of Kelowna and close enough to Summerland that we could arrange a visit with my hubby's best friend.  In fact, they had a couple of visits because we extended our stay. There is the right balance of natural beauty and amenities that made our stay all the more pleasant.

Tony and Bruce toasting with Crabbies Green Ginger Wine (it's their thing)

Bruce and Val with our crew

During our first few nights at Peachland RV I managed to catch this beautiful Okanagan sunset. Bruce is an artist, and this photo reminds me of something he would paint.  Seeing the landscapes of the area made me appreciate his paintings all the more.

Camp cooking:  In the spirit of using what we had on hand, (ie emptying the house of the pantry and freezer contents) we had a few boxes of puff pastry.  Bringing it on board had its challenges but we decided to make pizza with puff pastry and use it up. Edible but not our best culinary work.  The RV oven worked great though.

So many times  we have commented on the natural beauty of the Okanagan.  The different vegetation and landscape were undeniably gorgeous. Coming from the island with its own beauty, we were stunned that these majestic mountains surrounding Kelowna and area and the Okanagan Lake below were so captivating.  It made me see how crowded Vancouver Island is becoming and how we really didn't get off the rock (Vancouver Island) much.  Well, here we are now enjoying it and better late than never right?

During our extra time there, not only were we able to shed more excess stuff (Value Village in Kelowna was the recipient of it), but I squeezed in a visit with a fellow APQS dealer/quilter Cindy, Liz bought Aidan a bike with training wheels and he was able to start riding, Liz got to spend her birthday on a wine tour with a friend, and we were basically just able to take time to exhale, pause and reflect to feel more prepared for the adventure.

Bike riding with Papa

Lakeside visit with my friend Cindy who is a long arm quilter in Kelowna and fellow APQS Dealer.

Beautiful Okanagan Lake.  Liz and Aidan floating.

I brought my finished quilt "Tumalo Trail" on the trip to photograph at different locations on the route.  Pictured here is the quilt in Peachland attached to Harriet and again wrapping Liz and Aidan.  I couldn't leave without taking these photos.  The quilt pattern is by Bonnie Hunter.  I made it king sized and finished it just before we sold our king sized bed for the adventure.  Oh well! It's a keeper.

Lastly, we needed to cut some linen to fulfil bra orders before we left BC.  It was so great to cut outside.  I cut, Liz sews.  That's the way we roll, at least currently.  We are still sorting out our "groove".

And there may have been some hexie cutting too.  I had yardage in a bin and the goal was to condense it for travel, so I spent an afternoon cutting the remainder of hexies for my La Passion quilt.

And with that, we pulled out some maps and started planning our next stop and the route.

Thanks for following our journey.

Until next time,

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