Saturday, July 9, 2011

In memory of a very special lady...and Jelly Roll Races

I lost a quilting friend to cancer a few months ago.  She was a wife, mother, grandmother and special friend to a whole bunch of people.  She was an excellent quilter with excellent taste in colours and even won Best of Show in the first Westshore Quilters' Guild quilt show.  And I would say that our satellite group isn't the same without her special laugh and her kind and caring heart, expressed to the community through the gifts of her hands.  She was an amazing lady and quilter and I am richer for having known her.

Why am I sharing this?  Well today was a hard day.  It was the day that her husband and some other quilting friends held a garage sale to clear out her fabric and craft supplies.  It started at 9:00 a.m. so I picked up another quilting friend and we were there at about 9:10.  So many familiar faces in the driveway and so many things to go through.

It was bittersweet.  I know that my friend would be happy to know that her quilting sisters were carrying her fabric away to create things of beauty.  But it was just another reminder that she's really gone.  So for that reason, it was a hard day for me.  I can still hear her laughter in my head and in my mind's eye see her neatly stacked cut squares or triangles ready for piecing.  That was my friend Janet.

So I have some new treasures in my house to add to my stash.  Here are some photos of the items that now live with me until they find their forever homes as quilts that bring comfort:

Twin-sized quilt ready for finishing.   
A double or queen sized Irish Chain ready to finish piecing.  So soft.  I love her colours. 
I had this same fabric and used it to make a baby quilt.  I'm not sure what I'll do with this 'kit'.
And some great patterns to explore.
Sat outside on my deck on the lounge chair looking through these books when I got home.  So many little time!
A great box of mostly neutrals.  I see so many options for scrap quilts with these!
And in this box, more neutrals plus some great country prints, some plaids, some homespun...lots of possibilities.
 After the garage sale our group went for coffee to Evedar's for coffee and to hang out.  Great coffee and baked goods.  Giant cinnamon buns (no I didn't partake but I did enjoy a cheese muffin!). But before Evedar's my friend and I hit Cloth Castle where we were on the hunt for Jelly Rolls for the  Jelly Roll 1600 Races!.  Much to our delight they were 50% off!  I found this great jelly roll for $20!!

They are actually called Tonga Treats!  But they will be perfect for the Jelly Roll Races quilt!

  So that was my Saturday.  Plus a wedding and a few hours work but no sewing today.  There's always tomorrow!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your good friend but I know she'd be pleased to know that her projects will be finished and her fabrics will find homes in future quilts.