Friday, July 1, 2011

Long Weekend Approaching...

I'm determined to carve out some creative time this weekend.  We have B&B guests during the Canada Day weekend and since my sewing room is directly above their bedroom, courtesy will prevent me from sewing into the wee hours as the vibration of my machine on the table goes straight through the floor. But when they are out exploring our fair city  I have in mind to start a quilt I saw at called "Floribunda".  It's a Jacobs Ladder quilt.  Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville bought an antique quilt done in various shades of yellow and from there the rest of the quilt is scrappy. I have just the right fabric (floral) that I've had in my stash forever.  If I can find a yellow to pair it with it will be a delightful summer quilt.

On the home front:  We had an open house last weekend on Sunday afternoon and one prospective family noticed my Celtic Knot quilt on my king sized bed and asked our realtor where I bought it.  The realtor then happily took them to my quilting room explained that I had made it.  The comment was made "oh yes...a true quilter...more than one project on the go...".  My realtor was so happy that I had one of my quilts on my fact three of the beds in the house and one vignette in my sewing room, one UFO on the wall (tidy) and one hanging in the landing on a curtain rod.  So far, no serious nibbles on the house but I'm glad the quilts are appreciated.  Once a house is staged for sale it becomes less your personality and lifestyle and as bland as possible.  Yuk!   I'm just grateful that I can still see my quilts here and there and that part of my personality is still in this house.

Stay tuned for photos from my creative time this weekend.

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