Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rainy Saturday = Sewing Day ... Warning: eye candy ahead...

Today was the day my satellite group had planned to do our jelly roll races.  It just so happened that it was pouring rain so any guilt for not spending today in the garden was totally gone!

We met at about 9:30 but didn't actually start the race until noon.  The first quilt was done in about an hour and thirty minutes.  Here are some photos of our day:

My stack

Jan's stack ready to go!

Ladies...start your engines!

Terry ~ And we're off!
A short hour and a half later, the tops were done!

Terry's first jelly roll 1600 (race) quilt

Pat's ~ done from her scrap bag for a totally different look


Terry's second one.  Different width strips creates a vertical quilt

Muriel's and Jan's - same jelly roll pack but they turned out different.

So that my friends is a jelly roll race.

I also managed to finish the Irish Chain quilt top that I bought at the garage sale last weekend.

So happy to have a nice complementary green and pinky creamy fabric for the borders.

I put the backing together.  The quilt will finish at about 83 1/2" wide x 90 " long.  It's hanging on the clothesline tonight to hopefully get some wrinkles out naturally.  I'm hoping to sandwich and start quilting it tomorrow.  We'll see!

Until next time!

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  1. Looks like you all enjoyed your jelly roll races! So interesting how the quilt tops turned out...