Monday, August 15, 2022


Texas is a HUGE state.  We had a long travel day from Albuquerque, NM  to Amarillo, TX for yet another one night stop (layover).

We arrived to heat over 100 degrees F  with Carrie Underwood singing "How Great Thou Art".  He truly is a great God.  We have been so amply provided for, covered and protected during this journey.

The drive into Texas wasn't all that scenic, and truthfully, this blogger had a catnap.  More blue skies, a good highway, and a pleasant stay at Amarillo KOA where the pool was close and the showers were clean.  We usually don't do a full hookup and opt to take showers in the campsite facilities if we are just overnight.  And that we did.  We wanted to get on the road early for Forth Worth which is a 6+ hour drive.

Howdy little partner!

One thing I love about KOAs is that their office usually has a general store.  Whether you need toilet paper, a new sewer hose, or some chilled beverages, they usually have it all!  We have yet to find one we didn't like. ***** for KOA Campgrounds!!

Off to Fort Worth next. Or at least close by.  Catch you deeper in the heart of Texas....y'all!


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