Monday, August 8, 2022

Palm Springs

Besides the fact that Palm Springs is one place I've never been to and always wanted to visit, we chose the Palm Springs/Joshua Tree KOA as our next site because of its proximity to two things that we wanted to do.  They are:  Joshua Tree National Park and the San Diego Zoo.  

The average daily temperature while we were there was about 114 degrees during the day cooling (and I use the term loosely) to 83 so an average of 96 degrees F.  Too hot for this girl who was very thankful for the pool.  We were surprised to see how empty the campsite was when we arrived.  We asked about it and the girls in the office said "most people don't come when it's this hot.  We are really busy in October onwards".  OK!  Good to know.  Rookie mistake by unsuspecting Canadians.  We are thankful for the A/C.  And we will be buying an ice maker because we can't get the water cold enough or fast enough.

One of the best sunsets yet.  Almost had me in tears.

Look at that sky!

Tomorrow is Joshua Tree.  That should be fun!  


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