Thursday, August 11, 2022

When in Arizona...

We crossed into Arizona today where we immediately noticed the price of diesel was significantly less.  I wish I could say we waited to fill up but we didn't  We filled up while still in California and regretted it a few miles down the road when we saw the price signs.  Oh well.

We stopped for some cool drinks en route to our next campsite at Verde Valley Thousand Trails.  This one tells it all...

It was a refreshing thing to sip on as we made our way to our next campsite.  We called ahead based on our last Thousand Trails experiences in Oregon.  We knew we wouldn't be arriving at noon so weren't sure what we were in for.  They called us back to confirm that they had given us a premier site and confirmed that it had 50 amp power and sewer.  That was a relief! No shark tank circling this time!

When we arrived, we were delighted  to see that this place is set in the high desert with spacious spots, that are big rig friendly, and easy to back into.  Liz especially was relieved at the ease of backing in.  The neighbour next to us (a full timer here) said " did a better job of backing that in than most men!".  She's pretty amazing alright!

It was a quick setup before Liz and Aidan got back in the truck and headed closer to Antelope Canyon for their adventure together.  After looking at the reviews of the tour, it was clear that 70+ steps, ladders, and a mile long hike might be a bit too much for Tony and me.  So we stayed back at camp and they went.  They stayed at a hotel close to the canyon so they would be ready for the 10 am tour departure.  And it gave her a rest from driving too much.  And having a bubble bath in a real tub wasn't a bad bonus either. These are some of her pictures.  Breathtaking, wouldn't you agree?

There is a pool here but it is a mile downhill which means a mile uphill on foot to get back to Harriet.  It looks beautiful online and maybe when they get back tomorrow we will give it a try.  But for now, we are content to enjoy the view, the sunsets and the quietness of this place.

View from my 'office'

Panoramic view outside our campsite

A very broody sky and sunset.  Gorgeous!

It's incredibly quiet here.  There is NO traffic noise.  None.  The only thing I heard while outside was the sound of the air conditioners and the odd dog barking.

And pool time before we headed off for our next destination!

I'm glad we will be here for Shabbat before continuing our journey on Sunday.  We will enjoy our sabbath rest in this beautiful place.  Stay tuned!


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