Thursday, August 4, 2022

Mojave Desert time

Our next journey took us to a refreshing oasis in California's Mojave Desert. Barstow/Calico KOA is conveniently located midway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  We didn't choose it for any specific reason other than it was a stop on the way to our most southern stop near Palm Springs and it was close enough for a day trip to Universal Studios.  We are mapping out our journey based on a travel time of approx. 5-6 hours.  This keeps the driver happy and alert and the passengers happy too.  And we try and stay at least a couple of days to refresh and rest between travel days.

You would think that travelling through the desert it all begins to look the same.  It does and it doesn't.  The dryness is the same, although that dryness is apparently punctuated by flash floods!!  We avoided Bakersfield because there was a warning.  And there have been several flash flood warnings the last week. We are altering our course to avoid fires and floods and so far so good.  

What I'm noticing about the desert is that you can see subtle variations in the vegetation.  As a passenger in the truck I spend a lot of time looking out the window so I've had time to notice these things while pondering our adventure and where it is leading us both figuratively and physically.

My co-pilot in the back seat has an easier time napping on the road than I do.

This KOA was not far from the main road either so while it did have some traffic noise, the convenience was appreciated.

We ventured to the Calico Ghost Town while we were there which was hot but interesting.  Here are some photo ops from that little side adventure.  Here is a link to their website:  Calico Ghost Town Regional Park

The wide open blue skies always captivate my interest.

Linens from the 1800s.

We took a short 10 minute ride on the little railroad for a tour of the mining areas

Does it look hot and dry?  It was.  I felt very sorry for the employees in long pants and long sleeved shirts and layers.  Their swamp coolers did a decent job of cooling the inside spaces but there ain't nuthin they could do to cool the outside.

There is a famous diner very close to our campsite and on the way home from Calico.  It's called Peggy Sue's 50s diner.  We were hot and hungry so decided to make a stop here before heading back to Harriet.

"Rattler" came home with Aidan from Calico.

That pool was very refreshing after our hot day.

C'mon Grandma, let's go!

Monday we pack up and head to Palm Springs.  It's one place I've always wanted to go.  I seem to be the minority.  It seems that everyone else I know has been there or still goes there. Pinch me!  It's real.

So stay tuned for palm trees!


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