Sunday, August 7, 2022

Last stop before Palm Springs...Universal Studios

On our last day in Barstow we drove a couple of hours to Universal Studios for the day.  We chose to skip Disneyland because we've heard multiple reports of their dark side and didn't want to support them nor expose Aidan to it.  

Universal Studios has it dialed in for keeping patrons cool.  I love their 'misters' throughout the park.  Aidan loved the King Kong and Jaws part of the studio tour.  My favourite was the Jurassic Park ride.  Tony's also I think.  It was a long day but enjoyable.  This is a place where the ice cream melts faster than you can eat it. Our final stop for the day before leaving was Waterworld where we purposely sat in the Splash Zone.  Best decision of the day!  We laughed out loud at the actors during the pre-show who interacted with the audience with their buckets of water.  Hilarious.  What a show.  I glanced at Aidan's face a couple of time and he was taking it all in.  And he was thrilled when they complied with his request 'splash me!'.  When Aidan gets splashed, the whole family gets splashed.  Thanks kid!  I needed that. 

This kid can sleep anywhere

Well that was fun!  


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